Tennessee Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

If you are living in the adventurous state of Tennessee and you think you might need a little extra coverage in protecting your assets Umbrella insurance can come to your rescue. Designed to aid you in extra liability insurance when your regular liability insurance may not cover it all. Saving you time in court and money.

Who is Umbrella Insurance Aimed For?

Have a risky profession where lawsuits are possible? Let’s say you have a business renting ATVs or boats. Are you a doctor? Then Umbrella insurance is a necessity to have for you. To be honest, though Tennessee Insurance Associates thinks umbrella insurance can come in handy personally to anyone. We know life can always be full of surprises. There are two types personal and commercial.

  1. Commercial Umbrella Insurance

    We aim this for business owners who are highly liable for the safety of their customers or patrons. Nowadays people are more than happy to call out businesses due to their negligence or wrongdoing. Commercial Umbrella Insurance's goal is to help aid in court costs if the costs should exceed their already standing coverage.

  2. Personal Umbrella Insurance

    We target this form towards homeowners to protect them with accidental injury property or persons on their grounds as the result the third party pursues a claim.

    It means umbrella insurance to be your "umbrella" coming to the rescue when all else fails. Say the other person’s medical bills are $6,000 and your original policy over covers $5,000 they leave you owing the $1,000 leftover. Here is where umbrella insurance kicks in paying off the rest for you. We can apply Personal Umbrella Insurance coverage to auto, boat/RV, and ATV

How Do I Apply?

To apply all you have to do is make a call to set up a personal appointment or stop by and visit your local Tennessee Insurance Associates today. There will be an agent happy to assist you to find how our Tennessee umbrella insurance coverage policies can work for you. Connect with us today.

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